Gas Boiler Installation – Bosch Condensing Boiler Benefits

Gas Boiler Installation – Bosch Condensing Boiler Benefits

The average modern Natural Gas central heating boiler is now upto 80% (The Ideal Classic) efficient and with up to 97% efficiency (Hi-Efficiency Worcester Bosch Greenstar) for the newer condensing boilers. Worcester Bosch Hi-Efficiency Worcester Bosch RI Condensing Gas More Info Direct Wall Boiler to Wall Boiler (Swop Offer Only)Classic BoileMore Info

(Hi-Efficiency Worcester Bosch Greenstar)


    • Hi-Speed Gas is a Registered Gas Installer with over 20 years of experience in the industry.
    • Hi-Speed Gas holds the prestigious ISO 9002 award and is vetted by the National Standards Authority of Ireland.
    • All Hi-Speed Gas fitters as Registered Gas Installers, have served a recognized apprenticeship and are experienced, fully qualified and insured.
    • Changeover rarely takes more than a day.
    • All systems and boilers installed by Hi-Speed Gas contain an inhibitor that prevents corrosion in new systems and slows down or stops corrosion in old systems and boilers.

€500 Trade-in allowance Available

    •  A regular supply of hot water can be on tap 24 hrs a day but your electricity bill will reduce if you no longer use your electric immersion.
    • You can control the heat in your house with up to six settings on your new boiler.
    • Moving an old boiler can be a waste and could be unsafe, the old boiler may be too small to heat your newly extended house.
    • Natural Gas boilers can fit in many kitchen areas or on utility room or garage walls. They are now safer and smaller than ever.
    • The planned replacement of a boiler can be a lot less expensive and troublesome than trying to replace in a hurry.
    • A new boiler is more reliable, will have fewer breakdowns and need less maintenance with a considerable cost saving.
    • Modern Natural Gas cookers, boilers and appliances are fitted with flame failure devices; the unit shuts down if the flame goes out.